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The perils of the personalised web

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Edward Bass

In a recent article of mine for The Next Web I shared some concerns about the ‘personalised web’ – that is to say the future web which will likely be driven by the social and interest graphs which lie at the heart of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Whilst I’m a huge believer in the possibilities of this future web my concern is that unless it is developed with the needs of the user (and an in depth understanding of their online behaviour) in mind it will end up being filled with dead end experiences where audiences only see what marketers and brands want them to see.

I also raise the issue of awareness – essentially that so far little has been done to inform audiences of the benefits of personalised online experiences and the value their social and interest data can bring to these. It seems to me that Facebook and Google, both of which have seen backlashes regarding privacy and use of data in the past as a result of not being clear in their intentions, ought to strongly consider promoting the benefits of social data, and sooner rather than later.

Edward Bass
Social Media Manager

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