What Goes Around Comes Around

Last Autumn I had the honour of being invited to be a judge for the annual Lovie Awards*. However, as categories and projects were assigned randomly, I sadly didn’t get a chance to look over the “Navigation” category. But when the results were in, I was pleasantly amused.

The winner, an advertising microsite for an Adidas soccer range, featured a large round geometric structure resembling a wireframe football. At each point on this 3D shape were animated icons representing different sections of the site. The user could navigate by rotating the object around in space.

Anyone who knows of the work of the late Roy Stringer, or my work for him and the Amaze company, is probably smiling knowingly right now.

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The iWatch ‘must have’

September is on the way and there is a real chance we will be seeing the iWatch. If it does appear, I have a single ‘must have’ I feel it needs in order to succeed.

Forget about the features and added functionality, if it doesn’t look gorgeous Apple will have a hard time winning me over. Recent staff hires and reports seem to be suggesting that Apple is planning to position the iWatch as a luxury product. In my opinion, Apple Macs and iPhones of recent years have oozed quality and precision engineering, however to make that move into luxury they have to go further. Continue Reading →

Daniel Brown’s Noodlebox displayed at the Barbican

Daniel Brown’s Noodlebox, created here at Amaze back in 1997, has been included in the iconic Digital Archaeology room at The Barbican’s ground-breaking Digital Revolutions show. Continue Reading →

Jaguar Land Rover and the ‘self-learning car’

Jaguar Land Rover has announced what it’s billing to be the ‘self-learning intelligent car of the future’; an intelligence system which auto-performs your in-car activities and anticipates the driver’s actions. It’s great to see the sort of innovation we expect from Google surface from a UK automotive company. Continue Reading →

Coding is childsplay

A few weeks ago our Head of Global Implementation and Support at Amaze sent round a link to – a website which aims to get children and adults alike, coding. is helping to inspire the next generation of coders with fun, interactive games which teach the basics of programming in just one hour tutorials. In the US alone, estimates that there will be a shortage of approximately 1,000,000 qualified individuals in the sector by 2020. Their vision is that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer programming. Continue Reading →

Amazon Payments

On Monday this week, Amazon introduced Amazon Payments. It is billed as a fast, elegant and seamless way to pay. You pay using your Amazon account details, no filling in credit card forms or concerns about security, no hassle. Amazon does it all for you – as a customer and as a business. Sounds familiar, well it is basically Amazon’s version of PayPal. Continue Reading →

Apple’s iPad makes buying shoes from Clarks fun

As a child, I always found the process of being taken to buy shoes extremely boring. The range on offer were very limited, my mother’s and my views on what was desirable in a shoe differed and shoes shops tended to be fusty places piled high with boxes. All shoe shops that is, except one. There was one in the heart of Edinburgh which featured a magical apparatus which made the act of shoe buying a very special, almost magical experience. Continue Reading →