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As IKEA launches device-charging furniture, renowned digital totty and Capoeira champion Andy O’Brien of Amaze imagines what life will be like now that true wireless is almost here… Continue Reading →

Amaze’s work for Lexus NX launch and Oculus Rift has been featured in Web Designer Magazine

Web Designer Mag have features an article on Amaze’s work with the NX launch and Oculus Rift. Continue Reading →

Amaze’s predictions for 2015

Towards the end of last year, we asked our chief strategists for some predictions for 2015, and this is what they thought:

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Japan – the land of the rising wearables?

Japan is a country famed for its new and innovative technologies. Fronted by the likes of Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, and Nintendo, it stands to reason that Japanese citizens would be equally as innovative, and embrace new technologies and trends. The latest GlobalWebIndex findings however, could not be further from this ideology – only 0.8% of the Japanese respondents own smart watches, and 1.1% own a smart wristband (global averages are 9.4% for smart watch, and 7.4% own a smart wristband.) Continue Reading →

Simply having a wearable Christmas time

Juniper Research predicts that the worldwide wearable tech industry could increase from 27 million device shipments globally in 2014 to 116 million in 2017, and by the end of 2019, there will be 100 million smartwatch users worldwide. Wearables are quickly becoming one of the most in-demand technology products, but which countries are leading the way in wearable ownership? Continue Reading →

Amazon Echo analog data collection gets cute

Some time ago I wrote about Kinect 2 and its potential to provide deep insights into not only the games you play but what you watch, when and the real time emotions of the TV viewers in your home. Continue Reading →

Manchester Creative Studio Talk

Last week, Amaze was invited to give a talk to the first wave of pupils at Manchester Creative Studio (MCS).

MCS is one of the first of its kind, a secondary school, not focussing on the standard curriculum, but a specially adapted school to focus on the arts and creative studies. The Studio is a new employer led city centre school preparing 14-19 year olds for a career in the creative and digital industries.  Continue Reading →

What Goes Around Comes Around

Last Autumn I had the honour of being invited to be a judge for the annual Lovie Awards*. However, as categories and projects were assigned randomly, I sadly didn’t get a chance to look over the “Navigation” category. But when the results were in, I was pleasantly amused.

The winner, an advertising microsite for an Adidas soccer range, featured a large round geometric structure resembling a wireframe football. At each point on this 3D shape were animated icons representing different sections of the site. The user could navigate by rotating the object around in space.

Anyone who knows of the work of the late Roy Stringer, or my work for him and the Amaze company, is probably smiling knowingly right now.

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